Johan Bjerkhamn, son of influential businessman Bjorn Bjerkhamn, was apparently shot in the hand in a firearm accident in Barbados which claimed the life of his 11 year old son, Luke.

The Nation News reported that Johan Bjerkhamn had slipped out of the Caribbean island, but Barbados Today quoted Bjerkhamn’s lawyer saying he had personally informed the commissioner of the Barbados police force about “every detail”.

Bjerkhamn was arrested in Miami-Dade County by local Doral Police, after a five hour surgery on his hand.

Nation Newspaper, Barbados, 4/20/2010: BREAKING NEWS: BJERKHAMN HELD

JOHAN BJERKHAMN, who slipped out the island by private jet Monday, was taken into custody by police in Miami tonight.

The 39-year-old gun dealer, who had a warrant issued for his arrest hours after his departure, was being held at the Doral Police Department, Western Dade Miami, just about five miles from the Miami International Airport.


He was reportedly accompanied by his father, construction magnate Bjorn Bjerkhamn, who flew out with his son on Monday and another family member.

BarbadosToday - J. Bjerkhamn arrested in Miami after 5 hour surgery

“There could have been absolutely no surprise to the police about his departure because they were given all the information, every last detail,” [Bjerkhamn’s lawyer] Pilgrim said. “I am the one who delivered it personally to the police. I took it to the commissioner’s office myself, like a messenger, and put directly into the hands of the commissioner. He opened the envelope in front of me.”